Skin Tags​

skin tags

What are they?

A skin tag is a small piece of soft, hanging skin that may have a peduncle, or stalk. They are benign, noncancerous, tumors of the skin. They consist of a core of fibers and ducts, nerve cells, fat cells, and a covering of epidermis.

Skin tags can appear anywhere on the body, but especially where skin rubs against other skin or clothing. They often go unnoticed, unless they are in a prominent place or are repeatedly rubbed or scratched, for example, by clothing, jewellery, or when shaving. In some cases, they rub off or fall off painlessly.

They may appear on the:

  • armpits
  • under the breasts
  • groin
  • upper chest
  • neck

There are many over-the-counter skin tag removers or homeopathic formulas available on the market. But, even in a sterile environment, removing skin tags may cause bleeding, burns, and infection. It’s best to let professional to handle the job.

Our Clinic can offer non-surgical, laser skin tag removal. Please feel free to talk to our medical staff. Please contact us to find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure.


skin tags


Skin tags


At NOVA Aesthetics and Women’s Health Medical Clinic, we use the Cutera Nd:Yag medical grade, top of the range laser system for treating Skin tags. Laser is used to sever skin tags from the rest of the skin by burning through the connecting tissue.

This is fast, safe and effective treatment.

skin tags

Want to know more?

There are many reasons why people may want to get rid of their skin tags, but the primary cause is usually cosmetic. As skin tags are harmless, they are relatively easy to remove. However, there is one thing you should note when deciding how to remove your skin tag – the location.

As they can appear anywhere on the body, and primarily in areas that are affected by friction, they can be found in sensitive areas, like the eyes and genitals. For these delicate spots, it’s best to head to a dermatologist for professional removal.

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