Skin Laxity & Wrinkles

Skin Laxity & Wrinkles

What is it?

From 25 years of age, production of collagen and collagen levels begin to deplete. We can start noticing wrinkles and fine lines, our skin is becoming looser and texture of our skin is changing. All this is natural part of aging process.

Our genes, lifestyle, sun exposure, inadequate use of appropriate medicated skin products  may also impact the rate at which your skin begins to show signs of ageing. There are various treatments and combination of above to help to keep our skin as young and healthy for years to come.


Skin Laxity & Wrinkles

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Our skin inevitably changes over time. The great news is that it is never too late to benefit from lifestyle changes and medi-aesthetic treatments that can help repair some of the damage. New, non-invasive treatments are now available to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin, even out skin tone and restore your skin’s youthful fullness. It is important to have a comprehensive anti-aging treatment plan that has been tailored to suit you.

At Nova Aesthetics & Women’s Health we are happy to assist you to reach your goals.

Skin Laxity & Wrinkles

anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are popular way to treat or prevent apereance of fine to medium facial wrinkles. Botulinum toxin relaxes muscles in treated area thus preventing wrinkle formation which results in smoother and thighter looking skin. Results are visible after few days with 2 weeks required for complete setup. Treatment is recommended every 3-to-4 months to keep results ongoing.

Skin Laxity & Wrinkles

dermal fillers

Dermal filler application is as type of injectable aesthetic treatment where hylauronic acid (type of sugar naturally occuring in our body) is used for correction of mild, moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. Results are visible immediately, but it takes 2 to 3 weeks to settle completely. There is slight possibility of post treatment swelling and/or bruising, mineral make-up could be applied during this recovery phase. Longevity of dermal filler is usually between 9 to 12 months.

Skin Laxity & Wrinkles

rf microneedling

This treatment is a popular and effective choice for skin rejuvenation for clients who are concerned about ageing and skin laxity. Our Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency System lifts, tightens and rejuvenates skin. The combination of radiofrequency and needling induces collagen production within the dermis and tightens elastin fibres. It also assists in management of fine lines, skin tone and helps absorption of appropriate cosmeceutical products.

Skin Laxity & Wrinkles


Microdermabrasion is aesthetic treatment that provides deep exfoliation using a gentle vacuum and fine crystals that are passed over the skin, reveiling smooth and healthy looking skin. Recommended maintanence frequency is twice a year. This treatment could be combined with other facial treatments.

Skin Laxity & Wrinkles

chemical peels

This gentle skin resurfacing technique is beneficial for patients with large pores, blackheads and whiteheads, acne and sun damaged skin. Chemical peels work to break up inactive cells on the surface of the skin to promote intense exfoliation of the outermost layers of the skin.
A number of peel sessions could be performed usually over a 6-to-12 weeks period. Recommended maintenance frequency is twice a year. This treatment could be combined with other facial treatments.

Skin Laxity & Wrinkles

Want to know more?

Tired of buying one skin tightening cream after the next to find out that none work? These types of “one size fits all” treatments simply do not work.

We offer a wide spectrum of skin rejuvenation treatments that will help tighten loose skin and smooth wrinkles. However, before prescribing a remedy, the first step is to identify your particular condition. Contact for an appointment today.

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