Active & Scarring Acne


What is it?

Acne is a common medical condition, affecting people of almost all ages, peaks usually between the ages of 13 and 17. The face, neck, chest, shoulders and upper back are the main areas affected by acne because they have the highest number of oil glands. Acne usually starts at puberty when increased levels of hormones cause an increase in oil production and size of the glands, hormonal changes later in life in addition to psychological stressor can be cause for adult onset acne.

Family history of acne may be another factor why your skin can be prone to develop this condition as well as environmental factors such as high humidity, skin care products/cosmetics, hair care products and dietary factors.

Acne happens when the oil glands in the pores of the skin become blocked. Hormones make the oil glands produce more oil, also known as sebum and if the pores are blocked, a build-up occurs. This build up known as comedones contributes to the “bumpy” feeling of the skin. When affected by the P.acnes bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes), these pores become infected pustules.

Acne is a medical condition that requires an initial intensive treatment program and long-term maintenance. It can have a significant impact on the quality of life, especially during the teenage years. In some cases, acne also leads to scarring, which can be permanent.

When treating acne, treatment program that targets one or more of these causative factors is required, combination therapy is often needed.

We have packages that have been designed specifically for those wishing to see rapid, long-lasting results. Using a combination of treatments, alongside active cosmeceutical skin care, we can target the cause and visible symptoms of acne.

An initial consultation with our Medical doctor / Aesthetic physician is performed to determine the type and severity of your condition, so personalised acne treatment program can be formulated specially for your needs and best possible outcome.



skin care

An appropriate skin care regimen is the mainstay of most anti-acne treatment programs and will help maintain the benefits of other treatment modalities. Topical acne treatments, (containing single or multiple active ingredients) are available as washes, solutions, lotions, gels and creams. There are numerous products available in supermarkets and pharmacies, but these may not contain appropriate active ingredient or have a low concentration of the same and often cause dryness and irritation.

At NOVA Aesthetics and Women’s Health Medical Clinic, we offer medical-strength topical therapies that are beneficial in most forms of acne and are often combined with other therapies including Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, LED Light, Laser treatments or Micro-needle Fractional Radiofrequency to further improve results.

In addition, using appropriate mineral make-up and sunscreen on daily basis can also help in management of acne. As everyone’s skin care requirement differ, for the best combination of appropriate skin care, you are more than welcome to visit us for our complimentary colour-matching with one of our trained staff, who can also offer advice about which of our skin care products will best suit your needs.


Chemical Peels

Very superficial chemical peels work to break up inactive cells on the surface of the skin to promote intense exfoliation of the outermost layers of the skin. They are used to treat oily and acne prone skin due to anti-inflammatory effects and ability to penetrate sebum filled follicles to clean out the pores.

You may experience a slight tingling sensation during the treatment and mild redness lasting approximately one day.

This treatment can be used on all skin types.



This gentle skin resurfacing technique is beneficial for patients with large pores, blackheads and whiteheads. Microdermabrasion comfortably exfoliates the epidermis and polishes the skin to heal acne and promote clearer skin. An increase in circulation aids in reduction of inflammation and redness by offering oxygen and nutrients to new skin cells thus increasing health and strength of the skin.

This treatment can be used on all skin types.



At NOVA Aesthetics and Women’s Health Medical Clinic, we use medical grade LED light system.

Blue light helps to fight the P.acnes bacteria – the bacteria responsible for causing acne breakouts, while infrared light is anti-inflammatory, reducing redness from inflamed lesions and marks left behind from slow-healing breakouts. It can also promote the production of collagen to aid in repairing enlarged pores. LED light therapy is extremely comfortable and has no downtime, most clients find this treatment very relaxing.

This treatment can be used on all skin types.



At NOVA Aesthetics and Women’s Health Medical Clinic, we use the Cutera Nd:Yag medical grade, top of the range laser system for acne treatments. We can choose between vascular laser treatment and Cutera’s signature treatment “Laser Genesis”, which effectively treats acne, acne scarring as well as large pores, uneven skin texture and fine lines.

The laser targets the deeper layers of the dermis, thereby reducing redness and inflammation through photo-selective absorption and controlled heating effects. The Nd:YAG laser safely penetrates the skin to an optimal treatment depth to thermally and selectively destroy overactive sebaceous glands. In addition to its thermal penetration effects, the Nd:YAG acne laser treatment also accelerates the healing process and stimulates collagen remodelling, an important step in the long-term treatment of acne and acne scarring. Excellent results can be achieved with a series of treatments with little or no discomfort and downtime.

This treatment can be used on all skin types.


RF microneedling

Our Micro-needle Fractional Radiofrequency treatments achieve excellent results with acne scarring as well as management of stretch marks and skin rejuvenation. Micro-Needle Fractional Radiofrequency System lifts, tightens and rejuvenates the skin. The combination of radiofrequency and needling induces collagen production within the dermis and tightens elastin fibres.

This treatment can be used on all skin types.

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